EASEUS Todo Backup Free: System Backup and Disaster Recovery Freeware

EASEUS Todo Backup Free is an award-winning freeware backup & disaster recovery solutions that combine maximum user friendliness with excellent functionality and some helpful extras. Its easy-to-use interface and wizard-based operation make it easy for even new computer owners to use, a big plus because novices users need protection the most yet are usually inexperienced at securing it.

Like any good backup tool, EASEUS Todo Backup is able to back up your entire system’s current state, data, settings and all, or just what you want it to, including partitions or full disks, and restore your computer in the event of a system crash or hardware failure. It allows you to backup and restore disk or partition after viruses attack, unstable software download, hard drive failure, etc. While the Clone disk feature is especially useful to upgrade your hard drive to a new one without reinstalling operating systems and applications.

EASEUS Todo Backup Free

Here are some key features of EASEUS Todo Backup Free:

  • System Backup and Recovery: Backup and Recovery entire system state including the operating system and installed applications on-the-fly
  • File and Folder Backup: Backs up specified files, folders or file types to protect important data, such as family photos, extensive music collections, applications, personal data and financial documents, away from unexpected damage or loss.
  • Backup Schedule: To run backup automatically at a predefined time or upon event. By scheduling a backup task with a simple backup wizard with several options like backup now, weekly, monthly or upon a certain event.
  • Backup Management: Allows the users to manage the backup tasks and plans in a convenient way by changing or deleting a backup task or plan, deleting image files, and even convert an image to VMware or Virtual PC image file format.
  • Incremental Backup: Incremental backup only stores changed files based on last backup, saving your disk space and time.
  • Disk and Partition Clone: Migrate or copy all the data on a hard disk or partition to another. Clone disk is especially useful to upgrade your hard drive to a new one without reinstalling operating systems and applications
  • Linux Bootable Media: Run EaseUS Todo Backup from an emergency disk to perform recovery in case of system crash, etc. USB drive, CD or DVD bootable media can be create

EASEUS Todo Backup Free is totally free of charge for home users. Download this Freeware From Here. It supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.

Tips: The safest way to keep your data safe is to backup files with EASEUS Todo Backup in advance. However, if you do not have a backup and want to   recover files due to deletion, format, partition lost or damage, system crash, etc,  Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition from the same developer is recommended. It works well with hardware RAID and hard drives, SD and Memory Cards, etc.

To add more useful information for other users, if you ever experience using the EASEUS Todo Backup program or any other system (image) backup and recovery software, I encourage you to write a short review about your experiences. Thanks in advance.

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