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Today most of us have thousands if not tens of thousands of photo collections stored on our computers. That’s quite a lot of data and make it hard to find a particular photo through sorting or classification. Easy Photo Sorter 3 is here to help. This professional software is capable of renaming and organizing your entire photo collection in a simple and efficient way. Its wizard-like interface will guide you through its straightforward sorting process in just three steps. After sorting your photo collection it’ll be convenient for you to look through the important events in your life in chronological order.

Every photo that was made by the digital camera contains EXIF information (date, time etc). Easy Photo Sorter uses this information to organize your collection by date, and will create as many folders as dates found in your photo collection. Images can also be renamed or not during the sorting process. You can select a custom text string to rename all your photographs or let the program look for EXIF metadata and use it to identify your image files (date, time, camera used, etc.), or you can combine both. More importantly, Easy Photo Sorter does not make any changes to your original collection – it will not convert them into a different format or change their quality in any way. It will simple change their names and put them into a new folder in a simple and efficient way, leaving your photo albums cleanly organized in no time.

Easy Photo Sorter

Easy Photo Sorter 3 Key features:

  • 12 possible variants of sorting your photos
  • Sorting main types of graphical files
  • Possibility of renaming plenty of photo files
  • Your original collection remains without any changes


Easy Photo Sorter 3 Serial Key for Free

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