Easy Watermark Studio Pro Activation Code For Free, Today Only

Easy Watermark Studio Pro Activation Code Free Download – If you share or sell you pictures on the internet then you will never know were they will in up and what will happen to them, so the best way is find a watermark software to Sign your digital photos and to show they are copyrighted.

Easy Watermark Studio Pro is a professional watermark program that helps users to protect their private images from being copied. It allows users to add text and image watermark to your pictures or photos, for copyright protection and to prevent any other unauthorized use of your photos. The watermark can be designed to meet professional standards, several watermark effects can be applied, such as drop shadow, outer glow, alpha transparency, and more.

Easy Watermark Studio Pro

Watermark Studio Professional supports batch mode which enables people watermark a considerable batch of images in one go. Aside from that, Easy Watermark studio can also edit and apply watermark effects on animated Gifs, which many popular image editing programs such as Photoshop fail to do. In addition, you can rename photos, resize them and convert other formats by using Easy Watermark Studio. The Easy Watermark Studio is able to read more than 20 most known file formats, and convert them to 4 different formats (bmp, png, jpg, gif).

Easy Watermark Studio Pro Key Features:

  1. Protect your digital images from unauthorized use
  2. Apply a watermark to any digital image to establish ownership and claim copyright
  3. Use batch mode to apply watermarks to an entire portfolio of images automatically
  4. Rename, resize, and convert photos to different file formats
  5. Get creative with your watermarks by using filters and special effects

Easy Watermark Studio Pro Activation Code For Free

We use to share promos offers for Easy Watermark Studio Pro very often, and now, the developer is once again giving away this software for free. Interested users just need to to go this giveaway page, and click on the “Get It For Free” button to get your free¬† Registration Key & Download Link.¬†This giveaway is very limited and is valid for today only (24 hours on June 30, 2012), so act fast before it expired.

Update: The old promo has ended and I found new promo for this software. I change the date published for this post to make it up.