Easy Watermark Studio Pro Free Download With License Key

Adding a watermark text/logo is one of the best ways to protect your images from being copied. Although, currently there are many free online tool/services available for watermarking your image but there nothing which can give you the feel of using Pro version of Easy Watermark Studio – which is normally costly but now you can grab it as a freebie software with free license key.

Easy Watermark Studio Pro is a easy-to-use photo watermark software, that provides professional image protection solutions for you. The program can add digital watermark(text, image, company logo…) to your pictures, protect your photo safety, and avoid them from unauthorized use. Watermark Studio Professional supports batch mode which enables people watermark a considerable batch of images in one go. Aside from that, Easy Watermark studio can also edit and apply watermark effects on animated Gifs, which many popular image editing programs such as Photoshop fail to do.

Easy Watermark Studio Pro

Easy Watermark Studio Pro key features:

  • Create a Photoshop like watermark
  • Create rounded image corner with really smooth edges
  • Create image reflections
  • Sinus transformation
  • Pixel filters (jitter, circle, grid, pixelize, noise …)
  • Batch watermark: protect a photo group of any size at a time
  • Edit watermarks in easy to use graphical interface
  • Create watermarks from image and text
  • Save watermark template for future use
  • Apply filters to watermarks : drop shadow, outher glow, alpha transparency
  • Rotate watermarks for photos
  • Make watermarks more detailed for better protection
  • Full Unicode support
  • Creating reflection for a better look

Readable image formats:

  • Tagged Image Format (*.TIF)
  • Compuserve GIF images (*.GIF)
  • JPEG image file (*.JPG;*.JPEG;)
  • Windows bitmap (*.BMP; *.RLE; *.DIB;)
  • Portable Network Graphic (*.PNG)
  • Windows metafile (*.WMF;*.EMF;)
  • Photoshop images (*.PSD;*.PDD;)
  • Paintshop Pro images (*.PSP)
  • ZSoft Paintbrush images (*.PCX;*.PCC;)
  • Kodak Photo-CD images (*.PCD)
  • Truevision images (*.TGA;*.VST;*.ICB;*.VDA;*.WIN;)
  • Autodesk images files (*.CEL;*.PIC;)
  • Word 5.x screen capture files (*.SCR)
  • Portable pixel/gray map images (*.PPM;*.PGM;*.PBM;)
  • Dr. Halo images (*.CUT)
  • SGI Wavefront images (*.RLA;*.RPF;)

Output image formats:

  • Tagged Image Format (*.TIF)
  • Compuserve GIF images (*.GIF)
  • JPEG image file (*.JPG;*.JPEG;)
  • Windows bitmap (*.BMP; *.RLE; *.DIB;)
  • Portable Network Graphic (*.PNG)

Easy Watermark Studio Pro is usually priced at $24.99. The developer of Straightforward Watermark Studio Pro, Refero Group is now running a special promotional giveaway for Easy Watermark Studio Pro. The promotion offers users a single user fully functional (non commercial) license key of Easy Watermark Studio Pro 2.

To grab this offer, simply follow these steps:

1. Visit the promotional page. Enter the required details and then click “get license key” button as proven in below image.

Easy Watermark Studio Pro Giveaway

2, An email from “Refero Group” will be sent to registered e mail made up of the registration key for Uncomplicated Watermark Studio Pro v2.1.

3,  Download Easy Watermark Studio Pro 2.1 from this link. Install enter the license key to unlock the program.

Enter the License Key to Active Easy Watermark Studio Pro

Easy Watermark Studio Pro V2.1 is compatible with Windows 7 / 2003 / XP / 2000. There is also a lite version of Easy Watermark Studio, which is free for  non commercial use.