Empire Earth Gold Edition Full Version PC Game Free Download

Good Old Games, GOG.com is running a special promotion offering Expire Earth : Gold Edition for free, which normally costs around 25$. The game Empire Earth Gold Edition is Empire Earth series. Gold Edition includes the original Empire Earth and the official expansion, Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest.

Updated: This giveaway is no longer available. GOG.com is now charging $2.99 for it.

Empire Earth

Empire Earth, also known as EE, is a real-time strategy computer game developed by Stainless Steel Studios and released on November 2001. It has been described as very similar to the Age of Empires series, and received positive reviews. The game lets you control the destiny of a fledgling civilization through 500,000 years of human history. From meagre beginnings you must exploit the natural resources around you to build an empire capable of dominating the Earth. But your rise to supremacy will not go unchallenged. As was the case throughout history, rival civilizations are certain to oppose you every step of the way.


  • Command your civilization through 500,000 years of human history, from the discovery of fire to flight to nano-technology.
  • Load four epic campaigns which each follow a different civilization’s extraordinary rise to power.
  • Explore breathtaking maps randomly generated by an incredible 3D game engine.
  • Play in two modes: Standard mode for a more strategic empire-building game or Tournament mode for faster paced RTS action.
  • Experience 14 unique time periods covering 500,000 years, from the Stone Age to WWII to the Nano Age of the future.
  • Choose from 21 civilizations, including Greece, Germany and the United States. Create your own civilization by choosing from many economic and military bonuses.
  • Expand your empire with numerous technologies, special buildings and six different Wonders of the World, each with a beneficial power.
  • Battle on land, in air and at sea with over 200 different units, including huge warships, WWI and futuristic aircraft, and with other weapons of war.

Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest Expansion:

Carry your quest for world dominion beyond the bounds of earth and into the Space Age of the 22nd century with Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest. Cross the final frontier as you extend your conquests into space and command armies that travel faster than the speed of light

Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest continues to redefine the ages with a whole new space epoch and three monumental campaigns with new units, heroes, civilizations, and calamities. Now, you must master the art of conquest on Earth and in the next frontier- Space.


  • New 15th epoch – the Space Age.
  • Three additional campaigns – World War II, Roman Empire, Asia – and 18 all-new scenarios.
  • More legendary military heroes to lead your forces – General MacArthur, Admiral Yamamoto.
  • New wonders and calamities, including the orbital space station and meteor storms.
  • Futuristic military technologies, such as the antimissile battery.
  • New Terrains and Graphics: Details like breaking waves, tank tread marks in the sand, and artillery craters bring the ages to life.
  • New Units, Weapons, and Buildings: Centurion, Zero-G Engineer, Japanese Mitsubishi Zero, Paratrooper, Cyber Drone, Planetary Defense Shield Turret, and more.

Checkout the trailer below :

Empire Earth Gold Edition Full Version PC Game Free Download

To grab this game for free, visit the free offer page, Click On “Download now” button ( 538 MB ). Then create & sigin your account and you will see the game in My games section, otherwise once again visit the giveaway link and click On “Download now” button . Empire Earth Gold Edition is designed to work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit). ALso you can download Bonus content included for FREE with the game : 2 manuals (253 pages) , 3 HD wallpapers, 4 avatars, 2 technology trees.

This free giveaway is running until Wednesday 14 December at 10.59 GMT. So hurry up to grab your free Empire Earth: Gold Edition. Also sorry for the late to report this giveaway.