Encrypt And Password Protect Video & Audio Files With GreenForce Player

Many times there are certain video or audio files which you would like to Keep Private. Well there are many media encryption tools available on internet, however, most of them are shareware and are only available for trial use. And after an evaluation period, you’ll need to purchase a license. Now, you don’t have to shell out any money for such media encryption tools, as here is a freeware called GreenForce-Player to do this job for you.

GreenForce-Player is a portable alternative media player. As a media player, it offers most standard features, including playlist creation, support for subtitles, DVD playback, video snapshots, and even a coverflow display. It also come with many additional functions. One of these functions is to DRM protect media files. You can save your audio and video files with a password and protect them against screenshots. The encrypted video is saved as a .gfp file, which can be opened in the GreenForce player after the password has been supplied.

GreenForce Player

Here are some key features of GreenForce-Player:

  • Playing video files (depending on the installed DirectShow codecs)
  • Audio playback (depending on the installed DirectShow codecs)
  • Custom container format (*. gfp) for password protected media (provides configuration options to prevent screenshots and to restore the original file).
  • Audio CD playback
  • DVD video playback
  • Video and audio streaming from URL
  • Playlists (with support for import, export, tags)
  • Play small files from memory (cache function) to reduce the hard drive usage.
  • Command line switch(//aspect, //fullscreen, //?, //volume, //password, //hidden, //Invisible)

Here is how you can protect Video & Audio Files with password using GreenForce-Player:

1. Open the video or audio file you want to DRM protect with GreenForce-Player.

2, From the DRM menu, select ‘Protect Video’. And enter password twice to encrypt the media file.

Encrypt And Password Protect Video & Audio Files With GreenForce Player

3, You can also Select ‘Active’ in the ‘Disallow snapshots’ menu if you don’t want anyone to take screenshots of your videos.

4. Click ‘Save’ button. GreenForce may take some time to encrypt the video (audio) file, depending on it’s size.

By default GreenForce Player saves the encrypted media file (with a .gfp extension) with the same name as the original media file in the same location (GreenForce Player does not overwrite the original media file, so you may remove the original media file yourself). You can choose to save in another location.

5, Now, it’s done. From now on, if any one tries to access the encrypted media file, they will be asked to input the password.

Password Protect Video

Please note:

  1. Encrypted media files can NOT be opened with other media players even if you have the correct password, unless you remove the protection.
  2. You need to select “Allow restore original file” in step 2, or you will not be able to remove the protection.remove the drm protection

Download – GreenForce Player (less than 2mb) from here to Password Protect Video & Audio Files.

GreenForce Player is available in both installer and portable version. Works with Windows 7, Vista, XP.