Extra 3GB of Dropbox Online Storage Free for Uploading Photos & Videos

Earier this month, Dropbox was testing the beta version of their automatic photo/video uploads feature and offering up to 5 GB of free storage space to anyone who tried it out. This feature is out of testing and now available in Dropbox for Android app. According to Dropbox, similar functionality is coming soon to Windows, Mac OS X and iOS clients.

To promote this new feature, Dropbox once again is offering up to 3GB free storage to those who utilize this new feature – 500MB free for your first upload, and then 500MB of storage to match each 500MB of uploads after that, up to 3GB. If you took advantage of the automatic photo/video upload freebie during beta testing, you will keep the extra storage space you earned, but you can only earn up to a total of 5GB of extra storage.

Yo ho ho, and a bottle of code!

We wanted to say a special thanks to all of our early beta users! Thanks to your feedback, we have been able to find and fix a bunch of bugs.

Starting today, new users of Camera Upload will get 500 MB after their first successful import. Users can also receive up to a total of 3 GB additional free space for photos and videos automatically uploaded via the desktop or mobile apps.

Forum build users who tested Camera Upload before today, either on the desktop or Android, will keep any additional storage space they received for trying the beta version, and will still be able to earn up to 5 GB.

What is Camera Uploads Feature

Dropbox new Camera Uploads Feature

This feature can automatically upload your photos and videos to Dropbox using Wi-Fi or your data plan. The photos and videos are all uploaded at original size and full quality, and saved to a private folder in your Dropbox called Camera Uploads where they’re ready to view or share.

What’s new in the new Dropbox for Android App:

  • Up to 3 GB of free space for uploading photos automatically (in 500 MB increments)
  • Allows you to automatically uploads photos and videos in the background using Wi-Fi or data plan
  • Upload files of any size
  • Various performance improvements & bug fixes
  • Take note that, from this version, Dropbox for Android can no longer be installed on your SD Card due to more secure credential storage.

Meanwhile, the new version of the Windows and Mac desktop apps also include the new Camera Uploads Feature and can automatically upload from just about any camera, smartphone, tablet, or SD card you connect to your computer.

Download Dropbox for Android from the Android Market to automatically upload up to a total of 3 GB extra for free.


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