F-Secure Key (Password Manager) Premium Free 1 Year Subscription

F-Secure Key, for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, is a new password manager program offered by one of the biggest names in the security industry. By using F-Secure KEY you can securely store all your passwords, user names, PINs, and other credentials, you can generate passwords that are both safe and unique, and you can sync your passwords across devices: smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. F-Secure Key also makes your access to online services easy and secure by automatically filling in the login fields for you. Moreover, F-Secure Key features a news feed to keep you informed about major hacking incidents that target popular online services and might compromise your safety.

F-Secure Key

Your local data stored by F-Secure Key is encrypted with the the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) algorithm to keep it safe. Even when you synchronize passwords across your devices, the information is encrypted. You are the only person who can access your data. F-Secure Key servers that synchronize passwords across your devices are run by F-Secure, located within the European Union and protected by strict privacy legislation.

Key Features of F-Secure Key:

  • Secure and easy access to all your user names, passwords and other credentials (password manager)
  • Secure password generator to create unique and safe passwords to all your accounts
  • Alert service/news feed to keep you informed of major hacking incidents on the web
  • Strong encryption to protect your data from thieves
  • Intuitive and fast search to find the credentials you need
  • Fast, automatic data synchronization across all your devices

Updated (October 12, 2014):

F-Secure Key Premium Free 1 Year Subscription

F-Secure are offering you the PREMIUM version of F-Secure KEY password manager for all of your devices free of charge for one year (normal price: 14,50 €/year). Not sure for how long the giveaway is going to last, which means it’s probably best to grab the goods while the offer is still live.

To redeem your offer, just visit the promo page here, and fill the form in order to receive your exclusive PREMIUM VOUCHER and the guidelines by e-mail.

Note: you need to first redeem the offer on Android/iOS tablet or smartphone, after which you can start using KEY PREMIUM also on your PC, Mac and other Android and iOS devices for free.


Old promo – still working:

F-Secure Key Free 3 Months Subscription

Updated: It seems as though this offer is past its expiration. We’re really sorry about that, but it’s just one of those facts of life: milk goes bad and some great deals come to an end.

F-Secure Key is free for basic version, $15.99/year for Premium. The free edition of F-Secure Key is a local one with no online synchronization. Automatic data synchronization across all your devices requres purchasing a subscription (3 months for $4,99, one year for $15.99). But as part of the promo offer, you can get F-Secure Key Premium subscription free for 3 months.

Interested users just need to visit the promo page here, and follow on-page instructions to get F-Secure Key Free 3 Months Subscription.

Redeem your offer now

Step 1)
Download Key for free on PC or Mac and tap on “Connect devices” from the home view.

Step 2)
Tap on “Generate synchronization code”

Step 3)
Select the length of the subscription (3 months)

Step 4)
In the next window, click redeem and enter this coupon code: H8GFZXM4

Now you are ready to use Key on all your devices: PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets

Updated: This is not a new promo but lasts for a long time. It is still working and many of you may need it. I change the date published for this post to make it up. Enjoy this PREMIUM password manager for all of your devices free of charge for one year!