Farstone RestoreIT 2014 Free Download Full Version Serial Key

Farstone RestoreIT 2014 is a complete data protection utility and backup/restoration software. RestoreIT allows users to take S.M.A.R.T event-driven based snapshots and store them in a protected area or so called virtual partition. Any system file modifications and software installations will trigger the program to create a snapshot. When Windows behaves abnormally, users can roll back and restore entire PC or only the Windows partition to its previous snapshot state where your system is healthy and functional. It takes only a few minutes. Any viruses , spywares, and malwares will be removed. Accidentally deleted files and Windows settings will be recovered.

Based on FarStone’s patented “Advanced System Restore ” technology, RestoreIT stores only the changed data sectors into the RestoreIT Secure Area. The amount of storage capacity required for each snapshot is substantially less than the entire amount of data on the hard drive. As a result, RestoreIT offers a significant savings of hard drive space and an increased restoration speed when compared with hard drive imaging or complete disk cloning methods.

Farstone RestoreIT 2014

Farstone RestoreIT 2014 Key Features

  • Fix your computer in a snapshot! – Restore your entire system to a snapshot with only one click.
  • Lock a Public Computer Stat – RestoreIT is able to restore a computer to a pre-set stat each time it reboots. This feature makes RestoreIT a perfect recovery software for public computers. It brings the system back to a pre-set condition when reboot.
  • Restore an Crashed Windows System in a Snap – RestoreIT can perform a bare-metal full-system restore in just a 2 minutes. No need to re-install Windows, or any applications.
  • Small Disk Space Requirement – With snapshot backup technology RestoreIT takes only a small portion of hard drive space
  • Password Protection – Restrict user access to RestoreIT
  • Continuous Data Protect (CDP) – Continuously monitor changes to your hard drive, backup only the changed sectors
  • Hot-key Recovery Environment – Roll your system back to normal with the touch of a hotkey!


Farstone RestoreIT 2014 Free Download Full Version Serial Number

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