Fast Duplicate File Finder: Free Tool to Find & Delete Duplicate Files

Fast Duplicate File Finder is a small, easy-to-use but powerful free tool that will enable you to find and manage duplicate files on your computer. The application will compare the content of your files so it will find duplicates even if they are using different file names. The Pro paid version can even find similar files regardless of their file types. It will analyze the content of the files in order to find similar files and not just file attributes like name and size as the standard duplicate file finders do.

The duplicate remover uses fast binary comparison algorithm and has internal preview supporting a lot of image, video, music and text file formats. You can also preview the files in binary mode. When the scan process is finished the program shows you all duplicate files in groups and can automatically mark the older files for deletion. The auto check algorithm has advanced settings to exclude from auto check files with user specified extensions, file sizes, file dates and file names. You can also set which folders you want to exclude from the auto check. There is an option to protect system files and folders which is recommended to be turned on.

Fast Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder Key Features:

  1. Find all DUPLICATE or SIMILAR files in user specified folders using fast binary comparison algorithm
  2. Internal preview supporting images, videos, music, text and binary files
  3. Older or smaller files can be automatically marked for deletion
  4. Powerful filter and exclude from auto-check options
  5. Powerful Quick Check/Uncheck dialog
  6. Duplicate files can be moved to Recycle Bin, custom folder or deleted permanently
  7. Has intuitive interface and rich documentation
  8. Operating system: Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/ME/2000/2003/98

Fast Duplicate File Finder is available in free and paid versions; The paid versions are fully functional; Some restrictions apply to the freeware version. Below is a comparison table of the features of Free and Pro versions of the program.

Fast Duplicate File Finder Features Comparison

Note: Features marked with (*) in FREE version are only available when searching for exact duplicate files.

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