FastPaste 3 Standard Free Full Version Serial Number

FastPaste is a clipboard utility that allows you to quickly paste predefined clips (text, images, rich text) using a hotkey into any Windows application. You just press a hotkey (such as Control+1) or click a button, and a predefined text clip will get automatically pasted. You can, for example, create a clip with your email address and associate a Control + E hotkey with it. And every time you press Control + E, FastPaste will automatically type your email address. FastPaste is useful for anything that you type often. However, FastPaste can also paste rich text clips, which can contain colors and various fonts (eg. document header) and images (eg. logos).

But not just that! Since the new version 3, you can also create keyboard scripts, which you can use, for example, to fill forms with hotkeys. You can even encrypt your clips, so with FastPaste, you can confidently insert passwords with hotkeys securely and easily.

FastPaste 3 Standard

Paste commonly used text phrases with hotkeys

  1. Example: Press Ctrl+1 anywhere and FastPaste will insert your email address (or anything else)!
  2. Paste any text using a global hotkey or button
  3. Paste rich text (RTF)
  4. Paste images
  5. Execute keyboard scripts (e.g. to fill forms)
  6. Global paste menu with all your clips
  7. Import/export text files, rich text files, images
  8. Clipboard formatting operations: Upper/Lower/Proper case, Remove Diacritics, Reverse text, etc.
  9. Copy current time or date quickly at any time
  10. Instantly and completely clear clipboard
  11. Minimizes to system tray
  12. Export hotkey overview to HTML
  13. Encrypt and protect your clips with password
  14. 30 clips per project, unlimited number of projects
  15. Up to 300 clips easily accessible with keyboard or buttons

FastPaste 3 Standard Free Full Version Serial Number

FastPaste 3 Standard is normally priced at $29.95 per serial number. But as part of the developer’s promo offer, you can now download FastPaste 3 Standard Full Version with Serial Number for totally free of charge. It doesn’t say how long this offer will stay free, so get it while it last!

Giveaway Page here | Download FastPaste 3 Standard from this link.