Find Meaning Of Error Codes With Error Goblin in Both Windows And Mac

Errors happen with Windows, and with Mac OS X, in every well designed program and much more noticeable in the poorly designed ones.  It is almost impossible not to come across error codes which pop up with every times there is something that goes wrong with your computer. Usually these error codes mean something but it does not explain the details of these errors. Who can cover every error out there and how to fix it?

Then, ErrorGoblin should be your first stop when something goes wrong with your PC. Error Goblin is free service that lets you find out what exactly these Windows & Mac errors mean. The service allows you to look up any Windows and Mac  error code to find out what it actually means so you can resolve the errors.

Error Goblin

You just need to enter the Error codes generated by Window or Mac OS X, such as 0×1004, 0x10E3, 0xFA1, 0x1069, and 0x23D, and the service lets you know what exactly it means. The service also has a iPhone (plus Android soon) version for checking the error codes just in case when you are searching for a error code and do not have access to the internet. ErrorGoblin on your mobile device means never being unprepared.

Error Goblin in iPhone

Visit Error Goblin website Here, Download Error Goblin iPhone (plus Android soon) version  Here. The only downside to this site, however, is that it’s not fully completed yet. Solutions for many errors has not been added. Anyway, Error Goblin is sitll worth to try.

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