Find stored passwords in firefox

Firefox, like many popular web browsers, includes a built-in functionality to save your password. Usually we’ll use the saved password feature so often that sometimes we’ve completely forgotten our password. If you’ve forgotten the password to a website, and you need to know it, it’s worth checking to see if firefox has it stored.Here’s how to Find stored passwords in firefox.

1,First of all load up firefox

2,Look at the drop down menu called ‘tools’ up the top


4,and there you can find the Show Passwords,click it.

5,You’ll be presented with this screen (Note: usernames in the image scratched out to protect the poster!):

Find stored passwords in firefox
Click the Show Passwords button, and navigate down to the website password you are looking for.Thankfully that Firefox has been remembering these passwords , recovering them is an easy task.


To protect yourself ,you’d better enable and set a Master password to stop other people from harvesting your login information. You can do that in Tools > Options > Security  tab > check “Use a Master password” and enter the password twice.

However,If it happen that firefox is broken,and you can’t load up it? Then you’ll need a firefox password recovery software.We’ll come to talk about  firefox password recovery freeware tomorrow.(See here:Firefox password recovery freeware)

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