Firefox 4 with JaegerMonkey is expected to release in September

The competition to be the fastest Web browser is now mainly focused on having a most efficient JavaScript engine. Mozilla was one of the first browsers to talk about native code compilation for JavaScript and this let Firefox to zoom ahead of other browsers in terms of  speed. However, things changed than expected,that other browsers have also implemented similar features now, even much better than firefox.Google’s V8 and Opera’s revamped Carakan are locked in an escalating competition to dominate the benchmarks.Firefox has fallen behind once again.Mozilla, faced with new competitive pressures, has begun working on a new JavaScript engine:named JaegerMonkey( (also: JägerMonkey),to be add in Firefox 4 which is expected to release in September.

fastest Web browser competition

 Mozilla’s JavaScript optimizer named JaegerMonkey, with the features of TraceMonkey and Nitro (WebKit’s JavaScript engine) both, is pretty powerful. It carefully observes loops and converts them to super-fast assembly.According to  Mozilla,It should run Web-based programs at least 30 percent faster. JaegerMonkey will replace Mozilla’s current JavaScript optimizer TraceMonkey.Firefox 4 with JaegerMonkey

Firefox’ JavaScript performance is still well behind its rivals. Firefox may not be able to catch up with the competition for some time, at least until its new JaegerMonkey engine matures. The latest Firefox 4.0 beta 1 already contains JaegerMonkey,but the goal to hit 500 ms may be still a few weeks away. And even then, Mozilla is still behind the competition. Mozilla Still need to improve perfect the new engine.

So far, JaegerMonkey is still a long way off from landing in a Firefox Official Stable Version.But if progress moves at a fast enough pace, it should give Mozilla’s browser a fighting chance perhaps by the time Firefox 4.0 lands which is expected to be September.Hope firefox could use a shot in the arm by the release of the Firefox 4.0.