Fix “NTLDR is Missing press any key to restart” Computer Errors

When you start your computer, you receive the error message “NTLDR is missing. Press any key to restart.”The error message means that the Windows boot loader (NT Loader, NTLDR) cannot be found. Here I’ll tell you the way to Fix “NTLDR is Missing  press any key to restart/Press Crtl+Alt+Del to restart” Computer Errors.

1,Check the boot drives

The first thing to do is try to change back whatever hardware or software change you just made (this could be as simple as leaving a floppy disk in the drive or you need to reseat the cables). and then Check the boot drives to make sure that the computer is not trying to boot from a different drive to the one that contains Windows.

* Check that there are no CDs or DVDs in the CD/DVD drives.
* Check that no removable drives are plugged in to the USB ports.
* Check the boot order in the BIOS Setup to ensure that the computer boots from the drive containing Windows before any other bootable devices.

If this does not resolve the problem, you will have to repair the NT boot loader.

2,repair the NT boot loader.

The easiest way to fix the “NTLDR is missing” error is to use Spotmau PowerSuite. However,It will cost you about $39.95 USD.So  if your computer is using Windows XP/2000 and you have a Windows XP/2000 installation CD you may be able to boot from this and use the Recovery Console to fix NTLDR manually instead.

The Windows 2000 and Windows XP CDs supplied by Microsoft has a tool called the Recovery Console which can be used to repair errors that prevent Windows XP from starting using the command line. OEM versions of Windows XP, including computers that were supplied with Windows XP preinstalled, may not have this utility.

  • * Insert the Windows CD and start the computer.
  • * When the Welcome to Setup screen appears, press R.
  • * Type a number corresponding to the Windows installation you wish to repair (usually 1) and press Enter.
  • * When prompted, type the administrator password and press Enter.
  • * From the command prompt, copy NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM from the i386 folder of the CD to the root folder of the hard drive. In the example commands given below, C: is the hard drive and D: is the CD-ROM drive. You will need to change the drive letters if appropriate:


  • * Remove the Windows XP CD from the drive and restart the computer.

Although,It’s very difficult to prevent such kind of problem from ever occurring but making regular and frequent full backups of the system is a good precaution that can make recovery quicker and easier should the worst happen.And we also wish you’ll never met with such “NTLDR is Missing  press any key to restart” problem

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