Fix/Activate FaceTime On Unlocked iPhone 4 On Unofficial Carriers with MiTime

We all know that a SIM locked iPhone can be jailbroken and unlocked to be used on unofficial or unsupported mobile service carriers such as T-Mobile, Fido, Rogers, etc. However, those of you who purchased an iPhone 4 and are using it on an unofficial carrier lose the ability to FaceTime. But, with this awesome application named MiTime, you could activate FaceTime on unofficial carriers all over the world.

MiTime is an app that allows users to easily fix / activate Apple’s future video-calling standard FaceTime on unsupported carriers on their unlocked, jailbroken iPhone 4(and iPhone 3GS with the help of free Cydia app – FaceIt-3GS). The app was first introduced back in August of 2010 and now it has been updated with support for iOS 4.1 and 4.2.1. MiTime  should work worldwide and will use two SMS messages to activate. So you must be able to receive an international SMS message ((from UK) to get activated, (If you have any doubt, please head over to this site to test whether you can receive a message from the UK). MiTime is not free to use but priced at $5.99, however,  it seems to be the only way to activate FaceTime on unofficial carrier currently.

Activating FaceTime with MiTime will require the following:

  • These Carriers are not supported: BTC Bahamas; TIGO in Central America / Latin America / South America; All carriers in Iran.
  • Your push notifications must be working. Please use the Test push notifications button in MiTime to confirm they are working before testing compatibility or activating.
  • You MUST NOT have activated with a phonebook SIM. If you have, you will not be able to activate FaceTime until you use SAM below.
  • A jailbroken iPhone 4 activated through iTunes. Hacktivated phones may not work until you use SAM to activate. MiTime will tell you to use SAM if you have to.

SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module) appears to cause problems with MiTime while it is ENABLED. Only use SAM to get legitimate iTunes activation and then you should uninstall it via Cydia. It is no longer necessary because the only time you’d need it again is after a restore.

Those who activate using legit SIM cards (like an AT&T SIM) do not have to worry about this.

To install MiTime, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Open Cydia store on your jailbroken iPhone, on the main screen, go to Manage Tab > Sources. Click on the Edit button and then Add button to Add this source: and click on ‘Add sources’ button to confirm.

Step 2:
After you have added the source, go to Search, and type in MiTime. Download and install MiTime.

Step 3:

Turn off FaceTime in Settings->Phone. MiTime will turn it on when appropriate and this will not waste international SMS messages. Next, run MiTime and and follow it’s instructions. Most of you should get to the “Check Compatibility?” screen. Ensure that the phone number is corrent and in valid international format which starts with a +. For example, US number will starts with a “+1″.

MiTime Check Compatibility

Step 4:

Click the “Test” button to check MiTime compatibility with your phone, carrier, and phone plan.

check MiTime compatibility with your phone, carrier, and phone plan.

Step 5:

Hopefully, you will get to the next screen which shows that you are compatible. If you don’t get this screen, you should follow the tips on the troubleshooting page. If the phone is compatible, a purchase code will be displayed.

MiTime purchase code

Visit, enter the Purchase code, then click on Verify & Purchase button and complete the transaction. The Purchase code is case-sensitive and does not have zeroes or ones in it.

Step 6:

Once purchased, close and restart MiTime and your FaceTime® will be activated.

Fix Activate FaceTime On Unlock iPhone 4 On Unofficial Carriers

Notes after installation:

  • If you turn off FaceTime or it gets turned off somehow, don’t turn it on in Settings -> Phone. Run the MiTime app and it will fix it and turn it back on.
  • You may need to make a FaceTime call before your phone is reachable by another iPhone 4 via FaceTime (especially after reactivation through A) above). You only need to attempt to make a call because the first call you make may fail, but after that you are “registered”.
  • If you ever see the warning message about costs again, tap Cancel and run MiTime to see what is going on.

MiTime can be used for reactivation for 3 times after changing SIM or phone and still be recognized as a purchaser, but you can’t change both SIM & phone at same time.

To me, I’d just like to download Skype, Fring or Tango to make mobile video calls,  as they are even better and does not need to be on wifi or another iPhone 4 user. In addition , Skype, Fring and Tango are all free.

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