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Free 1 Year of 100GB OneDrive Cloud Storage

After gifting free 2 Years of 100GB OneDrive storage space last week to Bing Rewards members in the US, Microsoft today announced a new promotion aimed at Dropbox users. The company is offering another 100GB of free OneDrive storage for one year to anyone with a Dropbox account.

How To Get Free 1 Year of 100GB OneDrive Cloud Storage

1. Visit the OneDrive bonus website here.

2. Click the “Verify and get my storage” button

3. Sign into your Microsoft account, or create a new account here.

4. Once you log in, the OneDrive app will ask you for standard permissions to access your information. Press the Yes button to allow it.

5. Click the “Save to Dropbox” button to add a small PDF file to your Dropbox. This will require you to log in to your Dropbox account.  New Dropbox users can create a Dropbox account here.

6. After the PDF has been uploaded, you will be redirected to a confirmation page that says “Your bonus storage was successfully applied!”

You can check your current storage via this link: The additional 100GB of free cloud storage is known as the “Enthusiast bonus” in the OneDrive account.

Users from the US can still claim the free 2 Years of 100GB OneDrive Cloud Storage.

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