Free 3 Months Kepard Premium VPN on Android

Kepard VPN is a simple VPN service that lets users browse the Internet anonymously through a safe, encrypted connection. With Kepard VPN service you easily can secure your entire internet connection. Protects you from hackers stealing your personal data even in public places when using Wi-Fi. Make safe online transaction without worrying about data interception. Stay anonymous by having your online identity hidden. Access blocked sites that have regional restrictions or been banned and surf the Free Internet without any restriction. Also use Kepard to access the VoIP and social networks in countries where these services are blocked.

Free 3 Months Kepard Premium VPN on Android

Here you have 10 reasons why Kepard should be your choice:

  • It’s genuinely simple to use, even a newbie will be a Pro
  • You can get up to 195 days of Premium VPN for Free
  • Automatic best server’s proposal
  • You can enjoy unlimited traffic and high speeds
  • It allows 2 simultaneous connections
  • You can have unlimited switches between countries and IP’s
  • Allow P2P and torrents activity( on specified servers only)
  • High quality dedicated customer support from professionals
  • Huge discounts for loyal customers
  • Exciting promotions and rewards for current and new customers


Free 3 Months Kepard Premium VPN on Android

Kepard has organized a campaign in which everyone could get 3 months Premium VPN for Free on Android! What should you do? If you do not have yet an account at Kepard, register for one, install Kepard Android app and use 3 months Premium VPN for Free. If you have an account already start using right away Premium VPN on Android for 3 months. If you already have a paid subscription don’t worry, you also will get 3 months of Premium VPN for Free.

Remember, only in October you can benefit of this promotion, so hurry up to tell your friends about this offer. Also keep in mind that you still can get up to 180 days of Premium VPN with Kepard referral program. For every friend who joins and installs Kepard, you will get 30 Days and your friend get 15 Days of bonus Premium VPN (up to 6 friends)!


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