Free 512 GB Cloud Space for Online Storage & Backup @ BeeCloud

We all know about DropBox for free online file storage and sharing. But there are also many other companies out there offering the same service for free, and one of the most popular and well functioning ones is Livedrive. Livedrive, not to be confused with Windows Live Skydrive, is a great online backup, online storage and file sharing services which keeps a copy of your files securely online so that you can retrieve them at any time if they are lost or damaged.

BeeCloud is a LiveDrive Reseller. To help you never to lose a file again, BeeCloud is offering you 512 GB Livedrive Online Backup & Storage for free, no credit card needed. The limitation to the free account is that you can only make online backup, while sharing files with your friends and family is not allowed. Anyway a free account is hard to beat. Sign up for the free 512 GB Cloud Space from this link, and start to backup the files on your Mac or Windows PC!

Free 512 GB Cloud Space for Online Storage & Backup