Free Activate PCHand Screen Capture Recorder Suite [24 Hours Only]

PCHand Screen Capture Recorder Suite, which is your best partner for desktop screen capturing and recording, consists of the screenshot software PCHand Screen Capture and the screen recorder PCHand Screen Recorder. PCHand Screen Capture and Screen Recorder are provided in a suite but can be installed and started separately. See it, Capture and record it, then Edit it. That’s what PCHand Screen Capture Recorder Suite does!

With this excellent capture software, you could easily capture and record anything you see on the screen. PCHand Screen Capture helps to capture screen and optimize with built-in editor and save as images, while PCHand Screen Recorder is for recording screen and create demonstration video along with audio.

Updated: This software was available as a giveaway on January 3, 2011 at, this giveaway is not available any more.

BTW, another free Screenshot tool and video recorder: Ashampoo Snap 3.50 It is also able to capture anything on your screen – including videos

PCHand Screen Capture Recorder Suite Key Features

You see it, and you can capture it! PCHand Screen Capture makes it easier! This screen capture software provides a perfect way to capture and edit images.

PCHand Screen Capture

  • 7 Pre-set capture profiles could help you easily capture anything what you need, no matter windows, regions or scrolling window, full screen, button, taskbar, toolbar etc.
  • Taking a screenshot, you could directly save as bmp/jpg/gif/png/tif files or output to build-in editor, clipboard, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, email, etc.
  • Adding more effects to screenshot, you could automatically increase add caption, watermark, and edge effects to images.
  • Powerful built-in editor for optimizing images with effects, text, decorations, etc.

Want to show software video tutorial, and create video demonstration? Don’t worry; PCHand Screen Recorder is the perfect assistant to help you.

  • Record any onscreen activities with audio to create video instruction, avi/mp4 tutorials, or video demo, capture video.
  • The cursor movements, left click, right click and highlight the clicks will be recorded.
  • Support recording audio whatever you here from computer, internet and voice you speak form microphone
  • Capture any area of screen as you wish such as Custom size, and Full screen, selected window, selected region.

Offer details:

PCHand Screen Capture Recorder Suite is available for $69.95 regularly on the developer’s website. But now the developer is giving away this Screen Capture and Screen Recorder bundle on Jan. 3rd, 2010 (Should be the GMT- 8 time zone, and in fact they begin this giveaway at Jan. 4rd ). If you love this software, and miss it last time, then please catch this chance and activate it within 24 hours!

Screen Capture Recorder Suite giveaway

Screen Capture Recorder Suite giveaway page: or this page:

BTW, PCHand software also provides up to 60% OFF on Media Converter, this special offer will last only for three days, from Jan. 3rd to Jan. 6th.

Thanks anny from PCHand Software for informing us about this promo.


1. Please make sure you download and activate the program within 24 hours.

2. PCHand Software provide free to use and free technical support, but it’s not free update.