Free download accelerator for uTorrent user

µTorrent is a Efficient, light-weight P2P client  for Windows or Mac with many features.  Despite question of legality more or less every average internet users use this service to help them to download software, movies, mp3, game and so.

Now, here comes the problem: we sometime unable to use full speed of our internet bandwidth in uTorrent unless we configure uTorrent properly. uTorrent Download Thruster just here to help you.

uTorrent Download Thruster is one of the most useful plug-ins any uTorrent user should add to improve his/her download experience. The program was designed to automatically configure itself which means anyone can use it. Once installed, uTorrent Download Thruster automatically configures its settings to integrate into the uTorrent client and get the best management with regard to bandwidth optimization. So that you instantly will get better Internet connection, higher speeds to your downloads and considerably more sources to download from without having to bother yourself with complicated software or settings you have to properly adjust.

Free download accelerator for uTorrent

uTorrent Download Thruster main features:

* Accelerats uTorrent download speeds
* Trouble-free, intuitive, interface;
* Paused downloads automatically resumed;
* Configuration from last run automatically saved plus auto loading at start-up;
* Removes finished and invalid files;
* Improved searching at user-specified intervals;

[ Download uTorrent Download Thruster ]

System Requirements:

    * uTorrent installed on your computer
    * Windows 95/98//ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
    * Internet connection

The application is totally badware free but as we all know using P2P networks there is always a vulnerability in terms of viruses and spyware. So, do have a antivirus program on your pc.

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