Free Download Avira Protection Cloud: New Cloud-Based Antivirus Solution

Avira, the company best known for its Free Antivirus program, today released an updated version of Avira Protection Cloud, a new cloud-based antivirus solution that scans your computer using the latest cloud technology to recognize and stop malware before it spreads and infects other users. While the development and testing of Avira Protection Cloud was going on since last months, this is the first public download made available.

Avira Protection Cloud: New Cloud-Based Antivirus Solution

This is how Avira Protection Cloud works

  1. A list of file locations frequently targeted by malware is generated (similar to that used in a quick scan with a regular Antivirus).The list includes running processes, programs that run at start-up and services.
  2. The hash (a digital fingerprint) of each file is generated and sent to the Avira Protection Cloud, which is then categorized as “clean” or “malware”.
  3. Unknown program files are uploaded to the Avira Protection Cloud for analysis.
  4. At the beta stage, each uploaded file is scanned inside the Avira Protection Cloud using the latest technologies.
  5. Once the uploaded files have been scanned in the Cloud, the Technical Preview Client displays all available results.

Why join the Protection Cloud?

  1. Detection updates in real time. Protection is based on the most current malware information at all times, not just when your antivirus software downloads virus definitions.
  2. Scanning that is lighter than air. The files accessed by your computer are matched against the fingerprints of files stored in the cloud. As more scanning is done in the cloud, less processing power is required by the antivirus application.
  3. Access to the very latest anti-malware technology. Access Avira’s super computing malware analysis grid and get the best Avira detection ever.
  4. Prevention of false positives. When our Virus Lab has access to unknown files at an earlier stage, it can classify them sooner and with more sophisticated analysis systems.
  5. A bird’s-eye view of the threat landscape. The Protection Cloud serves as a central location to observe attempted cyber attacks throughout our user base. In turn, our ability to address potential outbreaks is dramatically enhanced.

To join the Avira Protection Cloud, simply install the Protection Cloud client:

  • Download and install the Protection Cloud client from the Avira Beta Center.
  • Start the scan by clicking the corresponding button.
  • Fingerprints of all suspicious files are sent to the Protection Cloud for real-time inspection. Executables are instantly identified as clean, infected or unknown. Suspicious unknown executables are uploaded for detailed automatic analysis.
  • View the scan results anytime in the application interface.

Avira Cloud Protection is still in its early preview stage and is only for those comfortable with beta testing software. This beta release can encounter issues and may be unstable, intended only for testing purposes. It is advisable not to install it on primary machines. Back up everything that is important to you. While we don’t expect any serious problems, regular back ups are a good thing regardless of whether or not you are using beta software.

Avira has made no clear statement as to whether Avira Protection Cloud will make its way into existing Avira products, or if it will be available as a standalone product. But the company does intimated to us that they would make it as a paid product offerings.