Free Download Bing Australia Screensaver: Cute & Charming

To celebrate the animals that have featured as Bing daily homepage images, Bing Australia has made available for download one free screen saver for your Windows desktop, namely the Bing Australia Cute & Charming pack.

Just as its name suggests, this free Screensaver features stunning images that present animals in their natural habitats from all over Australia. You will have a look at animals and their cubs, from a cheeky hippo to an Aussie roo to a pair of curious frogs to a motherly meerkat to a camouflaged tiger. All these images have featured as Bing background at some time.

Bing Australia screensaver

If you are interested, just go to Bing Blogs to download a 197 KB installer. Run the installer and it will go on to download the 8.9 MB screen saver. Take note that during installation, the installer will try to set MSN and Bing as your home pages and Bing as your default search engine. Make sure to uncheck them if you do not want any changes to be applied to your system.

After installation, the Bing Australia screensaver can be accessed via Personalization > Screen Saver. This Bing Windows Screensaver supports Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP SP2.