Free Download Bing Live Wallpaper for Android

Microsoft’s Bing search website has some beautiful background images, which every one likes to download and set as their desktop wallpapers. Do you want to get Bing’s daily background image to you Android homescreen as well?

Bing Live Wallpaper is a free android app which basically fetches daily image found on Microsoft Bing and sets as live wallpaper. Wallpapers will resize automatically to fit any screen and will also scroll along with user swipes from one home screen to another. Another cool thing is that wallpapers are changed automatically without user’s intervention, so you don’t have to bother about searching and setting it manually. My only complain is that all the wallpapers are of low resolution and need to be increased if possible.

Bing Live Wallpaper for Android

Keep in mind that internet connection is required to download the latest background image to your device. If not, the Bing Live Wallpaper will display the last automatically downloaded wallpaper until an internet connection becomes available again. There is also a preference to enable wallpaper updates over WiFi only, not to waste mobile traffic for those who pays for it.

Free Download Bing Live Wallpaper app from Google Play Store and get Bing’s background image of the day on your Android homescreen.