Free Download Bing Wallpaper Packs for Mac OS X from Microsoft

Bing, Microsoft’s search product, is well known for its use of a daily background image on its homepage. Quite often, the image is stunning. So would you like to bring the beauty of those Bing wallpapers to your Mac OS X desktop?

Microsoft has recently released three wallpaper packs for Mac users, each featuring 7 gorgeous Bing homepage images. The first is called “Canyons of the Southwest”, which contains some beautiful scenes of the rocky but majestic vistas that are a part of the Grand Canyon and other similar locations. The second wallpaper pack is titled Classic Cars which features some very cool close up images of some vintage automobiles. Finally, the third wallpaper download is called Arctic Icebergs. It has some breathtaking looks at massive ice flows found in Greenland, along with some other images from Croker Bay, located in Canada.

Bing Wallpaper Packs for Mac OS X

Download Bing Wallpaper Pack(s) for Mac OS X from Microsoft:

Canyons of the Southwest, Classic Cars and Arctic Icebergs.

Install Instructions: To install the Bing Wallpaper Pack for Mac OS X, click Download, and follow the instructions. After installation, a log off/log in or a restart of your browser may be may be necessary for new settings to take effect.

Note: the installation wizard tries to set your home page to Bing, as well as to set your default search engine to Bing. If this doesn’t suit you then clear the relevant check boxes when you’re asked.

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