Free Download Do Not Track Plus for Tracking Protection

As we all know, Internet Explorer 9 has introduced a new security feature called Tracker Protection, which is designed to prevent certain third-party sites from tracking your web activity via cookies and other means.

Now here is a browser add-on called Do Not Track Plus which implements similar feature for Firefox. This add-on claims to gives you the best-available privacy protection for Firefox by completely blocking and or damaging the capabilities of 100’s of online tracking companies to track you without your intent. Here below is video explaining how you can protect your privacy online with Do Not Track Plus.

Do Not Track Plus Key Features:

  • Automatically opt-out of receiving ads targeted to you from over 110 companies.
  • See who’s tracking you at each website you visit.
  • Block web trackers and web bugs that track your online activity.

Do Not Track Plus normally costs $29.99 for 1 year subscription on one pc. But interested users can now get a pre-release copy absolutely free. To grab this offer, go to the following link from your Mozilla Firefox browser:

For Chrome users, you will get a browser extension called Chromeblock which implements the same Tracking Protection feature.

Well, if you ask me, Do Not Track Plus is a handy tool but really doesn’t worth paying $29.99. If you’re worried about your privacy, I’d rather suggest you use Steganos Privacy Suite 12, which is also available for free right now.