Free Download 20 Handwriting Fonts for Windows, Mac, & Linux

Invitations look simply better when handwritten than when printed in bland Arial or Times New Roman. Short handwritten notes look authentic and appealing. There are numerous occasions where handwritten text makes a better impression. But when you have dozens or hundreds of recipients, writing each one by hand is going to be nearly impossible! Besides, you know that as you grow more and more tired, your 10th handwritten note is going to look a lot worse than your first. Digitized handwriting fonts are the perfect solution to this situation!

20 Handwriting Fonts from SoftMaker Software lets you create documents on your computer that look like real handwriting with the convenience of a printout! This package contains a wide variety of handwritten type for each taste and every occasion. Simply create such documents on your computer and print them. You will be amazed how strikingly authentic your “handwritten” documents look.

Imagine being able to create announcements, invitations, and correspondence using one of 20 different TrueType fonts, all designed to look authentic. What’s more, 20 Handwriting Fonts contains the Euro currency sign as well as all letters required for English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Finnish.

20 Handwriting Fonts

Key Features:

  • Create documents, invitations, announcements, and letters with the warm touch of an authentic handwritten note.
  • Send “handwritten” correspondence to your international friends and family, with support for multiple foreign languages.
  • Quickly and easily install the fonts on Windows, Mac, and Linux system.
  • Download available for: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8; any Linux with a graphical user interface; any system with Mac OS X


Free Download 20 Handwriting Fonts for Windows, Mac, & Linux

20 Handwriting Fonts from SoftMaker Software normally charges $24.95 per license. Bitsdujour are having a giveaway of 20 Handwriting Fonts, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway will be valid for today and tomorrow only (July 20 and 21, 2013). Act fast to grab your free copy. Go to the giveaway page here, and click on the “Get It For Free” button to download your free copy (download link will be sent to you via email).