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Smartphone usage has skyrocketed, and some advertisers have begun to experiment with aggressive, new techniques to display ads on mobile devices. This includes pushing ads to the standard Android notification bar, dropping generically designed icons on the mobile desktop, and modifying browser settings like bookmarks or the default homepage. Because each of these techniques can display an advertisement outside the context of a specific application, it’s very difficult for users to know exactly which app is responsible for any given ad. Fortunately, Lookout has released an app called “Ad Network Detector” to help with such obnoxious, intrusive ads.

Lookout Ad Network Detector scans your phone or tablet for the presence of the most common ad networks used in mobile apps, including those that are capable of displaying out-of-app ads. Ad Network Detector puts the information that they’ve gathered about ad networks at your fingertip. This includes description of what types of ads can be displayed, as well as what personal information is collected. With easy access to this information, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to keep the app that has certain ad networks on your phone.

Lookout Ad Network Detector App

Lookout Ad Network Detector app detects many but not all ad networks. Here’s the list of all the ad networks that are currently identified by the app: AdFonic, AdKnowledge, Admia, AdMob, Aduru, AdWhirl, AirAd, AirPush, Appenda, Burstly, BuzzCity, Casee, Cauly, Everbadge, GreyStripe, InMobi, JumpTap, LeadBolt, LogiaAd, MDotM, Medialets, Millennial, MobClix, MobFox, MOcean, Moolah Media, MoPub, Pontiflex, Smaato, StartApp, Tapit!, TapJoy, Vdopia, Vserv, Youmi, ZestAdz. Lookout Labs will continue to add more ad networks to this list and will expand the types of ads that are identified as new ones are developed. This will keep mobile users as informed as possible.

If you don’t have Ad Network Detector already, you can download it for free from Google Play Store. The app requires Android version 2.1 and up.


  • Lookout Ad Network Detector App does not “Block” these ads. It only tells you which applications are causing them. You must uninstall the applications this app identifies to stop the ads.
  • Lookout Ad Network Detector App is not a replacement for Mobile Security app, and it will not detect or repair malware. We suggest downloading Lookout Mobile Security (or avast! Mobile Security ) to keep your phone safe from malware and spyware, back up your data, and locate, scream, lock, or wipe a lost or stolen phone.
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