Free Download Mac OS X Lion Theme / Transformation Pack For Windows 7

Many People having the Windows powered computers feel bored about Windows 7 themes released by Microsoft and desire to have a apple Mac OS X style on it. Earlier we have covered an extraordinarily stylish Snow Transformation Pack which make your Windows Vista / 7 install look like Mac OS X Snow Leopard. But as Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is coming this June with tons of new features and Snow Leopard becomes a thing of the past, we now bring you the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion theme / transformation pack for windows 7, which will transform the way your Windows 7 looks into the next-gen Mac OS with core functionality of Windows 7.

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Theme For Windows 7

This Mac OS X Lion Transformation Pack adds Lion touch to almost every part of Windows 7 – from logon screen to control panel, every tiny bit is covered with addons to give you the complete feel of Mac OS X Lion.

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Transformation Pack For Windows 7

The installation is pretty simple, and it doesn’t requires 3rd party tools like Dock or any registry editing. All you have to do is execute the installer and follow the onscreen instructions and it will do all the process automatically in the background and transform your Windows 7 to Mac OS X Lion. Moreover, make sure that UAC (User Account Control) is disabled.

It also provides a lot of handy options to give you the full freedom to filter some part of the transformations as per your aesthetic zest. For example, You can select install media (sound) or not, you can also grab OS X Lion 10.7 screensavers but continue with Windows 7 Wallpapers.

Apple Mac OS X Lion Theme / Transformation Pack For Windows 7 Custom Install

Now you can download Mac OS X 10.7 Lion theme/transformation pack for Windows 7 from this link.  It supports both x86 and x64 versions of Windows 7 (Best Work in X86 32Bit). So, you can install this on any edition and Language version of Windows 7. The theme / transformation Pack can be uninstalled in all program or control panel>>add\remove.

Here is a new version of this Mac OS X Lion Theme / Transformation Pack named Lion Skin Pack 5.0.

New Updates in Lion Skin Pack 5.:

  • Insert new lion theme by bodik87 refresh and fix by me
  • Insert new icons
  • Insert new login
  • Insert new logo
  • Insert new button
  • Insert new brand
  • add mac dashboard
  • add taskbar shadow
  • add option in installer for small & top taskbar
  • add refresh icon cache
  • fix sound icon
  • fix start button logo
  • fix minimize & maximize & close button
  • remove yzshadow
  • remove ubericon
  • remove virtuawin

Lion Skin Pack 5.0 Video in action:

[Updated]  Lion Skin Pack 13.0 has been released. Download it from this link. [/updated]

Note: Please keep in mind that such transformation packs can be painful to get rid off and sometimes even a system restore point will not revert the changes. We recommend you to backup your computer before installing the Lion Skin Pack, so that you can revert the changes if required.

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