Free Download Mibibli’s Quest PC & Mac Game + DLC Pack + Soundtrack

The Humble Bundle store has launched a Humble Game Making Bundle that offers a massive amount of game development tools for a very tiny price. And in order to give you a taste of what the tools featured in this bundle can do, Humble Bundle is giving away Mibibli’s Quest game (playable on Windows and Mac) with a Humble exclusive DLC Bundle free. Also you will get the full soundtrack!

Interested users just need to go to the Humble Bundle promo page here,  scroll down the page a bit until you find the free game section. Then enter your email into the box provided and hit submit.

Mibibli's Quest Game For Free

You will soon receive an email from Humble Bundle with your Humble URL, and following that link will get you to your Humble profile page. Scroll down the page a bit until you find the free game section (like screenshot below) and follow on-page instructions to download your free game (DRM-free, none Steam), DLC Pack (Windows only) or Soundtrack.

Mibibli's Quest Game & Soundtrack Free Download

About the Game:

Mibibli’s Quest is a combination of the very strange mixed with very classic retro-ness. It has lots of stuff in it and if you’re a fan of the strange or surreal then you might like this game, as well as if you’re a fan of difficult retro platformers. If you’re a fan of both, then… hooray!


  • over 7 bits
  • realistic graphics
  • sounds AND music
  • grammar errors
  • a story that will make you cry
  • gameplay that will make you cry
  • Mibibli