Free Download Shadowgun and CreaVures Game Apps for BlackBerry PlayBook

If you’re a BlackBerry PlayBook owner and enjoy gaming on your tablet, then here is a good news for you: Union and Blackberry team up to bring you two great games for free! Shadowgun (a 3rd person shooter) and CreaVures  (a platform puzzle game), are available for free in the the BlackBerry Playbook App World until October 31st, 2012. Download them now, and make some free fun on your PlayBooks!

Shadowgun and CreaVures Free Game Apps for BlackBerry PlayBook

Shadowgun Game description: The year is 2350, and corrupt intergalactic corporations are the rule of law, hiring bounty hunters and mercs to do their bidding. The best of the best are known as SHADOWGUNS. SHADOWGUN puts you into the role of John Slade, the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter. Your mission: hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon, maniacal genius and leader of his own mutant army. Infiltrate Dr. Simon’s mountain fortress and fight his personal guard of cyborgs, battle droids, and genetically-enhanced humanoids. Using state-of-the-art weaponry, ships, and the assistance of S.A.R.A.—Slade’s personal android assistant—SHADOWGUN combines intense tactical combat with 3rd person action.

Download Shadowgun Game Apps for BlackBerry PlayBook for free: BlackBerry App World

CreaVures Game description: Once alive with light, the forest is now almost choked by darkness. Only five little CreaVures, mystical beings possessing great bravery, can pull back the blanket of night and restore the forest to its luminescent grandeur.

Download  CreaVures Game Apps for BlackBerry PlayBook for free: BlackBerry App World