Free Download: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Oboe/Flute Concerto in C, K. 314”

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Classical Music Library Free Download of the Week: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Oboe/Flute Concerto in C, K. 314”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) was an Austrian composer. His Oboe/Flute Concerto K. 314 in C or D major was composed in Salzburg in 1777 or Mannheim in 1778. As might be guessed, there is no definitive version of this delightful concerto. It is probably the concerto written for the Salzburg oboist Ferlendis, referred to in a letter and subsequently lost. It then re-appeared, so the theory goes, adapted for flute to suit a commission from a patron in Mannheim.

In either form, it is a charming work in a similar style to the violin concertos, with immediately attractive melodies and an arresting solo part. A glorious and spacious Allegro opening movement is followed by a serene Adagio, and the concerto is concluded by a lively and capricious Rondo, full of trills, twists and turns.

This recording is performed by Les soloists de Bordeaux-Aquitaine & Jean-Louis Capezzali, oboe.

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