Free Download Zoom Player Max 14.4 Full Licensed Version

Are you A Geek who loves to customize and tweak software? An Enthusiast who loves watching videos in the best possible quality? A PRO that needs a powerful media playback and presentation tool? If you answered “yes”, then Zoom Player Max was designed for you.

Zoom Player Max is a Powerful, Flexible and Customizable Media Player application for the Windows platform. Based on its highly-touted Smart Play technology, more media formats play with less hassle, improved stability and greater performance. Zoom Player was designed to be simple at first glance while being remarkably dynamic and flexible when used to its full potential. It supersedes media player in all it’s functions and provides several important functions that media player lacks.

Zoom Player Max 14

With Zoom Player, you can instantly Convert any PC into a Home Entertainment Center (HTPC) with no specialized hardware or operating system requirement.It provides special zooming functions to improve TV-output quality by eliminating overscan. Zoom Player runs on every version of Windows and every type of modern PC hardware, including Touch screens and Tablets.

Read up on just some of the Zoom Player supported features and technologies:

  • A polished user interface with no bloat!
  • The User-Interface is customizable to the extreme with hundreds of settings that control every aspect of the user experience.
  • Over 300 functions, all assignable to the keyboard, mouse or a remote control event.
  • Hardware accelerated video Decoding and DeInterlacing (DXVA, CUDA, QuickSync).
  • Hardware, GPU based high-quality image upscaling algorithms (Bicubic, Lanczos, Jinc), maxing out high-end gaming cards for best-in-class video image quality.
  • Digital Audio output over S/PDIF and HDMI Bit-Streaming to external receivers/amps.
  • An Install Center application which makes life easy by making decoding components consistently up to date (optional).
  • A fullscreen navigation interface, easily upgrading the PC into a full Home Theater experience.
  • A Command and Control API that works over TCP/IP (the internet), COM or WinAPI, providing access to custom mods you can create yourself.
  • Support for all popular (and most rare) media formats, including recent ones such as Dolby-TrueHD, WebM, OPUS, etc…

Building on top the success of Zoom Player PRO, Zoom Player Max adds many Power-Features :

  • Decrypted Blu-Ray Movie playback with Subtitle support.
  • Video Wall (Span a single video across multiple monitors).
  • Create custom Mobile-Phone RingTones from playing media.
  • Scene-Cut (Dynamic, Virtual Audio/Video editing).
  • Non-Linear 16:9 (widescreen) / 4:3 (fullscreen) video scaling
  • GuardDog (Automatically restart Zoom Player if the player becomes unresponsive).
  • Video Orbiting (Prevents screen-burns by slowly moving the video image every few seconds).
  • HTML, Flash and QuickTime Interactivity (Browse content from within Zoom Player, bypassing standard media controls).

Still reading? Good, there’s plenty more to come.

Free Download Zoom Player Max 14 Full Licensed Version

Zoom Player Max is normally priced at $35.64 per one year serial number / registration key. But the developer are having a giveaway of Zoom Player Max 14.4, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway is only valid till May 13, 2019.

To grab your free copy visit the promo page here during giveaway period and sign up to the newsletter to instantly receive a Zoom Player MAX download link. Alternately, here is the direct download link.


Just download and install it. This is a pre-registered giveaway version. No additional serial key is required to active full version.

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a 1-computer lifetime license, for home use.
  • No free updates; 
  • No free tech support.
  • Must be downloaded and installed before this offer is over — you may not install / reinstall later.

Best Freeware Alternatives to Zoom Player Pro

Zoom Player Pro is one of the more advanced media players on the market right now, but there are still some freeware that work just as well (and in some cases even better) than Zoom Player. Some good media player are worth a try are listed below.

1, Daum PotPlayer

Daum PotPlayer is a free, light-weight multimedia player for Windows that is able to play smoothly almost any media file you throw at it without the need of manually installing any audio or video codec packs. Created by by Daum, one of the authors of the most popular “KMPlayer”, PotPlayer feels much like the KMPlayer, but has been significantly enhanced and is in active development. It’s been described on the Internet as “KMPlayer redux”, and it pretty much is.

2, VLC Media Player for Windows, Mac & Linux

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. VLC 2.0 “Twoflower” is a major new version which comes with a lot of new features, new optimizations on the technical side, bug fixs, as well as completely reworked Mac and Web interfaces.

3,  VSO Media Player

VSO Media Player is a very simple media player with a low memory foot-print. VMP is able to read MP3 files, Ogg Vorbis, MusePack, Monkey’s Audio, Windows Media Audio (WMA) and a lot more. VMP is very fast to load and play, manages playlists and ID Tag informations, and has support for multimedia keys of your keyboard.

4, SPlayer (Portable)

SPlayer is a also lightweight audio and video player, which supports all the popular media formats, including DVDRip, HDTV, RMVB, QuickTime, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AC3/DTS, VP3/6/7, Indeo, XVD, OGG/OGM, APE, FLAC, TTA, AAC, MPC, 3GP/AMR, and subtitles. You can download SPlayer Portable version from here.

Which media player do you use? Add your Comment!