Free Dr.Web Antivirus 6 Serial Key: 1 year License

 Dr.Web Antivirus  made from Russia,the same as Kaspersky, provides reliable and highly efficient protection of your system and data regardless what type of the Microsoft operating system is installed on your computer. It has just released their major update version 6.0 last month.

Free to download Dr.Web Antivirus 6 with 1 year License

Now you can  get a free 1 year 1PC license for the latest Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows v6.0 from a Chinese website without any restrictions. The license is not for the PRO version of Dr.Web anti-virus so Firewall will not be included.

How to get  Dr.Web Antivirus 6 1 year License free?

1. Go to Promo Page and Enter the details as shown below

Free to download Dr.Web Antivirus 6 with 1 year License

2,. Visit .And simply select any of the options for every question and click the button. The 16 digit Drweb serial number will be displayed.

Free 1 Year Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows 6.0 License Key File

This is a limited period promotion. So, Hurry up and grab the license asap. If you fail to obtain free license, just leave a comment and i can help you.

Updated: It seems that this promo is not valid now.the serials got from the promo site has not been working. it says it is invalid.