Free Online Course: CodeAcademy Code Year Interactive Computer Programming Lessons

CodeAcademy think that basic programming is an essential skill that everyone should learn. To help newbies learn the basics of software coding, they have built a ‘Code Year’  platform which invites users to receive one free programming lesson each week online, in an interactive manner. According to Code Year, anyone can learn enough code to build their own apps and websites in just one year.

Code Year begins with the basics! The online Course initially focus on Javascript, a beginner-friendly programming language that can be used to make games and add animation to websites.  In time, they’ll teach you other stuff that will help you build cool stuff!

CodeAcademy Code Year Interactive Computer Programming Lessons

Sign up for Code Year for free to start receiving a new interactive programming lesson every Monday:

Here’s what Code Year participants have learned so far…

  • week 1: getting started with programming
  • week 2: functions in javascript
  • week 3: conditionals in javascript
  • week 4: primitives in javascript
  • … …

Each lesson has a forum which you can use to ask and answer questions. Click the ‘Q&A’ button in the top right of lesson page to access it.Hundreds of meetups have been organized in cities around the world. If you feel like you need more support or want to meet other Code Year folks, join or start a meetup near you!

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