Free Steam Key for Wickland PC Game

Greenlight Arcade is hosting a promotion to offer free steam keys for the arena FPS “Wickland” playable on your Windows PC. Keys are limited and the giveaway will end when they run out of promo keys.

Wickland PC Game

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About the Game:

Wickland is an indie arena FPS game heavily inspired by classic shooters of the 90’s such as Quake, Heretic, and Hexen. Morph into several different deadly beasts to use their own unique abilities, blaze through the map at insane speed to pick up power-ups, and fight your friend or foe in classic maze-like arena maps, just like the good old days. Wickland is only for PC and made for PC Gamers.

[Mechanics & Game Rules]

  • The game revolves around morphing, fighting, and killing the opponent’s beasts until the human character is defeated
  • There are currently 8 beasts with their own unique range and close range abilities
  • Each beast is just as powerful as the other and has its own health
  • The beasts are unique, which means that once a beast has been taken by a player, it will not respawn until the beast has been killed
  • Beast spawn-control is an important strategy to winning the game
  • There are other power-ups to pick up such as armor, and health potions
  • Wall-jumping is an ability that all characters can execute to increase momentum, perform trick jumps, and to take shortcuts


Thanks to Goodwin for informing me about this promo.