FREE STEAM KEYS: AI War: Fleet Command & 12 Is Better than 6

Humble Bundle has launched its yearly Spring Sale, which is offering a number of discounts on titles, as well as a free full version copy of Galactic Civilizations 2: Ultimate Edition. In addition, this year’s Spring Sale also includes a reward system. People will receive a stamp for every $5 they spend in the Humble Store or for visiting the store home page daily.

If they collect one stamp, they’ll get a 10% discount coupon on Surviving Mars and a 10% discount coupon on Humble Monthly! Three stamps will get users a free copy of the Oldie but goodie real time strategy game “AI War: Fleet Command” while five stamps will earn a free copy of the dynamic top-down shooter “12 is Better Than 6 ”. People have until May 24th at 10am PDT to collect stamps and claim prizes. After that, a new week of rewards will begin. And your stamps will not carry over, so act fast!


To get a stamp, you need to visit the Humble Store main page every day starting today (you must be logged into your Humble Bundle store account), click “Spring Sale – Collect your Spring Sale Rewards” then you get a stamp. After 5 days you will receive both games for FREE! You can see the progress of Stamps here.

Thanks to Goodwin for making me aware of this promo. Readers like you keep us alive.