Free to download Prevx SafeOnline

Prevx SafeOnline is an addon for your computer security suite that protects you from web born threats and ensures safe browsing, normally Prevx SafeOnline (v3.0) costs you about $15, but with this promotion,you can download and use Prevx SafeOnline V3.0 absolutely free.

Prevx SafeOnline is designed for better Zero Day Protection …Malicious software developers are constantly testing and developing new methods to evade detection. When a PC is infected with a stealth piece of malware it is possible that information entered on it, stored on it, or displayed on it, could be copied and stolen through the Internet browser.

To protect information being stolen while browsing on an unknowingly infected PC, Prevx SafeOnline will help. Prevx SafeOnline will protect your information entered in or displayed by your Internet browser, by locking down the operating system and services to ensure that only “known good” processes and services are allowed to run.

Free to download Prevx SafeOnline

Protects against all forms of internet fraud…

Prevx SafeOnline protects against browser-based attacks, including:

  • Man-In-The-Browser
  • Phishing attacks
  • Keyloggers
  • Screen Grabbers
  • Cookie Stealers
  • Info Stealing Trojans such as ZEUS, MBR, Goldun, and Silent Banker

Will work seamlessly with your browser…

Prevx SafeOnline is fully compatible with the following major browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (versions: 5/6/7/8)
  • Mozilla Firefox (versions: 1/2/3)
  • Google Chrome (versions: 2/3)
  • Opera (versions: 9/10)

With more browsers to be supported in the future.

We’ll protect you even without paying…

With the free trial of Prevx SafeOnline installed, we will automatically protect your personal information when using the following websites, completely free of charge:


Silent protection…

Prevx SafeOnline inserts itself seamlessly into your browser, with no impact on usability.

A simple “tab” displays the protection level of the currently viewed website, and provides access to further configuration options to personalize your website security.

Once installed, SafeOnline will help protect all information typed into your browser.

You can visit here to learn more about it.

How to download  Prevx SafeOnline for Free?

1,First login to your Facebook account and visit this Facebook page 
2,Click on “Get SafeOnline” button, you will forwarded on another Facebook page, now click on “Download Safeonline” and download the software
3,Install and enjoy Prevx SafeOnline. it doesn’t requires any registration key

You can also download the software directly from here

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