Free WiFi Hotspot for Sky Customers @ The Cloud Hotspots [UK]

Free and unlimited internet access at all UK Cloud WiFi Hotspots for Sky Broadband Unlimited, Connect and Fibre Customers – Sky broadband and UK Wi-Fi provider The Cloud have teamed up to give the former’s customers free and unlimited use at all of The Cloud’s hotspots throughout the UK. Available in venues such as Caffe Nero, Pizza Express and Wagamama, Sky customers will enjoy seamless and convenient access to public WiFi so that they can watch TV on the move, surf the web, and do anything else that they will need an internet connection for, without costing a penny more.

Free WiFi Hotspot

As a Sky Broadband Unlimited, Connect or Fibre customer you can:

  • Get free and unlimited wireless internet access at all Cloud WiFi Hotspots throughout the UK
  • Browse or email whilst waiting for the next train home and if you’re a Sky TV customer you can even watch TV from Sky in a coffee shop with Sky Go
  • Cloud WiFi Hotspots in popular places including cafes, bars and train stations – including Pizza Express, Caffè Nero, Pret A Manger and JD Wetherspoons. Plus we’re adding more venues all the time.
  • Have peace of mind – no need to worry about using up your mobile data allowance, WiFi Hotspots from The Cloud won’t cost you a penny

For free and unlimited WiFi access on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or Android smartphones, download the Sky Cloud WiFi app and follow the simple Sign Up. When you’re out and about, the app will automatically connect your device to Cloud WiFi Hotspots when you’re in range so there’s no need to re-enter passwords or login details once you’ve signed up. In addition, users can register up to six Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. Keep in mind that all those who connect to The Cloud’s Wi-Fi Hotspots won’t be charged.

More info here.

Note: If you’re not a Sky Broadband Unlimited, Connect or Fibre customer you may be charged for the service and you won’t be able to connect multiple devices.