Freeware Alternative to Windows Sticky Notes: iQ-Notes

One of the best Vista and Windows 7 gadgets is the sticky notes gadget. Users can type their important notes with this gadget for easy viewing and reference purposes. But the default sticky notes software of windows is not the best way to manage a lot of notes. Here’s a great alternative!

iQ-Notes is a powerful and handy desktop sticky notes manager and reminder. iQ-Notes offers users an easy way to keep all their thoughts, quick notes, important messages, shopping list, tasks,  phone numbers, and other information in one place on their desktop to remind them of things to do, keep notes of random information and more. The notes can be associated with alarm reminders and also password protected to keep the content private. The program can even synchronize our notes with an FTP server, either for backup purposes or to synchronize our notes with a remote location (e.g. our office). Other features include custom priority levels and color coding, encrypted note storage, multi-user support, printing of notes, and more.

 iQ-Notes: Freeware Alternative to Windows Sticky Notes

iQ-Notes Key Features:

  • Archive Notes, Print Notes, Encrypt Notes and Sort Notes.
  • Synchronize notes with a server when using multiple computers.
  • Expense and Time Tracking functionality on each note with Start/Stop Timer and time-sheet tracking.
  • Set an alarm on the note so it pops up at a certain date and time.
  • Attach notes to webpages, spreadsheets, applications, anything and have them automatically open.
  • Clipboard Manager remembers everything you placed on your Windows clipboard and easily create a note from something you’ve previously placed on the clipboard.
  • Network send option that can securely send notes to other iQ-Notes users on the network or through the internet. iQ-Notes uses 128-bit encryption to securely transfer your note from one iQ-Notes user to another as well as verifies that the agreed password matches between users.
  • Automatic saving of notes with nine automatic backups behind the scenes.

The application is freeware, which means we can download and use it, at no cost! Simply just download and install this program and it appears on your task-tray. Whenever you want to create a new note, just double-click on the post-it note icon located in the system tray. It’s that easy. This application supports English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch languages.

Manage notes with iQ-Notes: desktop sticky notes manager and reminder

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