G Data CloudSecurity – FREE Plugin to Block Malware and Phishing Websites

G Data CloudSecurity is a free cloud-based plugin designed for the popular browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, that makes web surfing safer by preventing access to known malware and phishing websites. As most of the virus infections are through Internet, this security application certainly has some importance.

The plugin can be used alongside any other installed antivirus solution, especially free antivirus without a web guard, to provide maximum web protection and is ready for action after installing; no additional configuring required. A simple way to more security on the web by G Data, one of the top rated antivirus software developers from Germany.

G Data Cloud Security – FREE Plugin to Block Malware and Phishing WebsitesG Data Cloud Security Key Features:

  • Compatible with all other security products
  • Prevents access to malware and phishing websites
  • Install once – no updates required
  • PC performance remains unaffected
  • Ideal supplement for free AV programs
  • Not causing your computer slow or reduce your internet speed.

Download G Data Cloud Security to Block Malware and Phishing Websites: http://www.free-cloudsecurity.com/

G Data CloudSecurity supports all current browser versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, including the new Firefox 4.0 and Internet Explorer 9. Doesn’t support Google Chrome web browser yet.