GdPicture.NET Imaging SDK Partner Edition Free License Key

GdPicture.NET is a suite of fully-featured, AnyCPU, and royalty-free Document Imaging SDK for PDF, image processing, document imaging, scanning, barcoding, printing, OCR, Forms processing, annotations and much, much more. Delivered as .NET components, this toolkit allow developers to compose, display, capture, annotate, edit, and print documents from within their own WinForm and WPF applications wrote in C#, VB.NET, vb6, and Delphi.

Using GdPicture.NET, your programs will be able to display documents, acquire images from TWAIN scanners, perform image processing, optical character recognition, and many other features covering all mainstream areas of document imaging. GdPicture.NET technology supports more than 90 vector and bitmap image formats, from 1-bit to 128-bit, including High Dynamic Range images, JPEG2000, JBIG, JBIG2, PSD, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and RAW camera. GdPicture.NET can be used within any 32-bit and 64-bit Windows development environment that supports .NET or ActiveX components such as Microsoft Visual Studio from Visual Studio 2003 to Visual Studio 2013 & Embarcadero RAD Studio…

GdPicture.NET Imaging SDK

GdPicture.NET Imaging SDK Key Features:

  • Document viewing, processing, printing and scanning (TWAIN & WIA).
  • Reading, cleaning, writing and converting vector and raster images in more than 90 formats, TIFF, PDF, DICOM & JBIG2 included.
  • OMR, OCR, MICR, Document Recognition, barcode reading and writing (linear & 2D).
  • Annotations for image and PDF within Windows and Web applications.
  • Color detection & MRC engine for image and PDF compression.

GdPicture.NET Imaging SDK Partner Edition Free License Key

The developer GdPicture is currently offering everyone a free perpetual license (including free updates/upgrades for life) of the GdPicture.NET Partners Edition. The Partners Edition includes lots of features provided by GdPicture.NET SDK, as listed here.

Visit the promo page here and fill the form to receive your license key.

Partners Edition F.A.Q.:

1. Is the license is really perpetual? What does it exactly means?

Yes, the license is really perpetual. Basically your key will be able to unlock any GdPicture.NET version, including future major releases. You will be granted to redistribute GdPicture.NET aside your application, according to GdPicture end user license agreement that can be found here.

2. Where can I download GdPicture.NET?

From the GdPicture.NET download page located here:

3. How to use my license KEY?

Your license key must be used within your application only. Unlike regular GdPicture.NET edition you don’t have to register it within the LicenseManager.exe application. To learn how to register your key within your application please have a look at the topic “How to unlock GdPicture.NET?” of the online reference guide that can be reached here:

4. Which features of GdPicture.NET are included within the partner edition?

See the comparison matrix located here.

5. I need help, where can I find support?

GdPicture offer technical support for this edition only through their community forum. You can expect answers in reasonable delays and also find consequent knowledge base. See:

6. I need to use features that are not included in my edition, what can I do?

If the features are included in a commercial Plugin you can acquire it. Then, it will work within your edition like in any other commercial edition of GdPicture.NET.

If the features are included in another commercial edition of GdPicture.NET you can contact GdPicture sales team to obtain a consequent discount to acquire it. The sales team can be reached through their chat system, through their quick contact form or through their helpdesk plateform.

Thanks very much to Matt and Goodwin for informing me about this promo.