Genie Timeline Professional 2013 Serial Number For Free

Backup is essential and its purpose is to provide you with an insurance policy against loss of data, whether as a result of disk malfunctions or your mistakenly deleting them. Adopt a backup plan now and create backups with Genie Timeline Professional 2013 for your most critical data which you can’t live without before it’s too late!

Genie Timeline Professional 2013 is a time machine (data backup & disaster recovery software) for Windows that performs real time and continuous data protection for all your files no matter where they are stored; on your computer, external and network drives. Genie Timeline Professional 2013 is lightweight and effortless. With 3 simple, straight forward steps you can enjoy enhanced features such as; disaster recovery, backing up a wide variety of data types, multiple performance modes, enhanced security, and much more. No need to worry about disasters to your system, Genie Timeline Professional can restore all of your settings and data. Include Disaster Recovery in your backup selections and create a Disaster Recovery Startup Disk on a virtual partition, a USB disk, or an ISO image so that you could restore your data in case of failure. That’s not all; Genie Timeline Professional will backup Windows’ folders, program files, and user’s data every 24 hours for faster and safer data protection. For unbeatable security; Genie Timeline Professional is enhanced with 256-bit AES military grade encryption. Moreover; it is powered with Incremental Block Level technology that backs up only modifications or changes made within the file, not the entire file, saving you both time and space.

Genie Timeline Professional 2013

The lightweight software monitors your system’s performance and recognizes when you are playing a game, watching a movie or running a presentation and alters its performance mode accordingly by pausing the backup for better CPU usage. It will also run on low resources when your computer is running on batteries and will pause when the power level becomes critical. Genie Timeline Professional can backup any type of data; if it is not included in the smart selections page you can use the “My Computer” tab to manually select files and folders for backup. Since the software is also fully integrated with Windows,  you can add/exclude files or folders to the backup with a simple right click. Revolutionizing the way you do backup.

Genie Timeline Professional 2013 Serial Number For Free

Genie Timeline Professional is normally priced at $59.95 per serial number / license key. The developer are having a giveaway of Genie Timeline Professional 2013 4.0, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway will be valid for today & tomorrow only (48 hours on November 20&21, 2013). You have to activate it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over. Not sure for how long this offer is is going to last so if you are interested maybe grab while the grabbing is good.

Genie Timeline Professional 2013 is not the latest version on its branch because the developer has released Genie Timeline Professional 2014 software sometime ago. But this does not mean in any way that Genie Timeline Professional 2013 is useless or obsolete. The features available are still current and compatible with the needs of a regular user.

1. Go to the giveaway page here or here, enter the required details and click on the “Register” button.

Genie Timeline Professional 2013 Giveaway

2. Now, check your email. You will find an email from “Genie9 Sales” [email protected] with your free license number and download link.

3. Download Genie Timeline Professional 2013 using this direct link: GenieTimeline4Pro.exe [11.8 MB]

4. Install and active full version with the free license number. You have to first setup a backup in order to enter the serial number.

Genie Timeline Professional 2013 Full Version

Genie Timeline is packaged in 4 different versions to meet various markets; Free, Home, Professional, and Server editions. The Server edition only defers from Pro that it supports Server Platforms. If for whatever reasons you missed this giveaway, you can always download Genie Timeline Free edition. It is completely Free and ease of use. Learn more about the free edition.

Updated (December 30), 2013: This is not a new promo but lasts for a long time (I shared it on Nov 20, 2013). It is still working and many of you may need it. I change the date published for this post to make it up. Enjoy this professional data backup & disaster recovery software for Windows.