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Get Additional 5GB Dropbox Storage Space for Free

Dropbox is a web-based cloud storage system that allow users to store, sync, and, share files online. The client works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and android devices.  Free Dropbox account gives you 2 GB of storage which is good enough for most casual users. Pro versions for 50 and 100GB for only $9.99 and $19.99 per month respectively.

Often, Dropbox gives its users additional free storage for doing things. You can get an extra 768 MB Dropbox storage Space for free by finishing some simple tasks. You can invite friends and get 250MB extra storage for every friend of yours who signs up  (up to a limit of 8 GB)!  And now, Dropbox is offering the ability to earn additional 5 GB of storage space by trying out their experimental build of Desktop or Android Client’s automatic photo and video uploading feature. This is a limited  time offer, so hurry up!

Follow below steps to get the additional 5GB Dropbox storage Space for Free ( extra 250 MB using this link after you install desktop app).

1. If you do not have a Dropbox account yet. Sign up here. [Free 2 GB]

2. Download and install the latest “beta” Dropbox client. You can download the Dropbox  client (beta) from this link [ Windows, Mac OS X, Linux x86_64, Linux x86]

3. Plug in your smartphone, camera, or memory card–anything containing photos or videos. Dropbox should automatically import them into a new Camera Uploads folder and sync them with your account. On this first automatic photo import — any amount of photos will do — Dropbox will immediately give you an additional 500MB of free storage space.

4. For every 500MB of photos and videos that Dropbox automatically uploads afterward, you get an additional 500MB of permanent space  to your account for a total maximum of 5GB of added storage space.

The additional 5GB Dropbox storage Space you get from this offer is permanent and will stack with the standard 2GB space that free users already enjoy, and should (may or may not) also stack with the free space get through its referral program. That’s means, you can get up to 15GB (or 7GB) of free Dropbox storage space.  This is a great deal for customers who don’t want to pay extra for Dropbox storage.

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