Recommend Avast! and get Internet Security License Key For Free

The Avast! Referral Rewards Program: Recommend avast! Free Antivirus to your friends and get full version license key for Avast! Internet Security for FREE! Here’s the deal: Invite your friends to install avast! Free Antivirus, and once a friend installs avast! using your referring link and starts using it, a credit is counted toward your avast! Account. If you reach the needed number of friends, you can download your free Internet Security license.

  • 7 Friends = Internet Security (1 PC, 1 year)
  • 14 Friends = Internet Security (1 PC, 2 years)
  • 21 Friends = Internet Security (1 PC, 3 years)

The maximum period for using the free Internet Security license is 3 years.

Avast! Referral Rewards Program

How To:

1. Log in to /create your Avast Account @

2. Go to ‘Recommendations’ tab in your account ( )

3. Invite your Friends via: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email or Link

4. Gain 7 friends to use avast! and get 1 Year Free of avast! Internet Security

Terms and conditions


  • You must have verified avast! Account
  • Your friend must install avast! Free Antivirus installed from the specific link shared from the Recommend section of avast! Account and keep it installed in order to count this installation towards your account
  • Credit is counted and displayed on the avast! Account with few hours delay
  • Friend’s PC must be connected to the Internet, so we know you recommended it


  • If you get 7 friends to install and use avast! Free Antivirus you’ll get a free license for Internet Security for 1 PC, 1 year.
  • The free license is valid from the day you first download it from avast! Account
  • The free license is prolonged per extra year, when you get 14 respectively 21 friends installations in total
  • The maximum period for using the free Internet Security license is 3 years
  • The free license cannot be refunded
  • Avast reserve the right to refuse to issue the license in case of suspicious activity on account