Get 10 Free UltraViolet Digital Movies at CinemaNow (USA and Canada only) (currently owned by Best Buy) is having a promo deal for anyone that lives in the United States and Canada. When you link a new or existing CinemaNow account to an UltraViolet account for the first time during the Promotion Period, you can choose ten (10) digital movies from a list of pre-selected Standard Definition UltraViolet titles, to add to your CinemaNow account and to your UltraViolet Digital Collection.


You can choose 10 movies to add to your UltraViolet Digital Collection from these 22 titles:

  1. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
  2. The Perfect Storm
  3. Vegas Vacation
  4. Black Beauty(1994)
  5. Lean on Me
  6. Adaptation
  7. So I Married An Axe Murderer
  8. St. Elmo’s Fire
  9. A Knight’s Tale
  10. Legends of the Fall
  11. Battlestar Galactica
  12. Death Race 2
  13. The Land Before Time: The Great Day of the Flyers
  14. The Producers
  15. Big Trouble in Little China
  16. Wrong Turn 2
  17. Never Been Kissed
  18. The Siege
  19. Behind Enemy Lines
  20. Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption
  21. Killers
  22. Conan the Barbarian


If you’re interested in grabbing these free movies, simply follow these steps:

  1. Head on over to
  2. Click on “Get 10 FREE Digital Movies” button
  3. Log-in or sign up for a new CinemaNow/ account. Seems that no credit card is required for a new CinemaNow account
  4. Link a new or existing UltraViolet account to CinemaNow
  5. Choose 10 movies for your UltraViolet Digital Collection
  6. Click “Redeem My Movies”

By the way, you can watch these (and other CinemaNow ) movies on a variety of devices, including your TV or Blu-ray player, your PC, your PlayStation or Xbox game console, or your Android or iOS device.

This promotion is only for new accounts, and those not already linked to UltraViolet. If you’ve already linked an Ultraviolet account, you can try to unlink and re-link your UV account to take advantage of this offer (this may or may not work). To unlink your UV account, sign into CinemaNow, and then click your name in the upper right and click Ultraviolet. Then delete your browser cookies and relink your UV account. You are limited to one (1) redemption during the Promotion Period. This promotion runs through the end of 2013.