Recommend LastPass and get LastPass Premium for Free

LastPass is a web-based, cross-platform (Internet Explorer,  Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iPhone, Google Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, WebOS, and Windows Mobile) secure password manager and form filler that makes web browsing easier and more secure. It helps to store passwords of different sites and lets you securely log in to them using a single master password and eliminate the need to remember individual usernames and passwords.

With LastPass, you can seamlessly login to your favorite sites using autofill and one-click login, generate and automatically store a unique, secure password for new site, create profiles that allow you to automatically fill your personal information on web forms accurately and safely, and synchronize your data across all of your browsers and mobile devices securely. Your passwords is safe by encrypting your data locally on your personal computer or mobile device. Only your LastPass Master Password can unlock your data and only you have it! Moreover, LastPass incorporates the industry’s most powerful encryption algorithms and provides effective protection against phishing scams, online fraud, identity theft, and malware.

LastPass Premium

Recommend LastPass and get LastPass Premium for Free

LastPass is available as a free and a paid Premium version. LastPass Premium includes all features of LastPass free edition and gives you some additional features like Mobile Access via apps for Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone etc., Multifactor authentication via USB Thumb Drives or YubiKey, and priority support. The good news is LastPass is giving away free premium accounts: Invite a friend to LastPass, you both get a free month of LastPass Premium!

Steps to get free LastPass premium Account:

1. Log in to your LastPass Account @ If you do not have a account, you may signup using this link and get one month premium free.

2, Navigate to and use it to invite friends. You can return to this page  at any time to send out more invites.

3. Invite your Friends via: Email, Facebook, Twitter, or URL Link.

4.  LastPass will give you and your friend 1 month each of LastPass Premium for every new sign up. You can each rack up a total of 2 years of complimentary Premium – needs a total of 24 referrals.

Moreover, LastPass is also giving university students (with a valid .edu email address) 6 months Subscription of LastPass Premium for free. Although aimed at University students, it probably will work with any *.edu email address. More info @ LastPass <3’s Students.