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Giveaway: Tint Makeup Guide For Free

Don’t have the chance to apply makeup before taking a picture? Forget to tint the lips or eyelids? Or you’re not pleased with the eye color? Don’t worry. Now you can correct it directly on your photos!

Makeup Guide is a Virtual Makeup Photo Editor that allows you to apply makeup directly on your photos to make them look better! MakeUp Guide will help you to apply lipstick, rouge, eye shadow, and powder, line eyelids, and change eye color. In case something goes wrong, you just select Undo and any makeup mistake instantly disappears. It is the must-have virtual makeup bag of any woman who wants to leave her makeup problems behind. Whether you don’t like wearing makeup or you didn’t have enough time to prepare, Makeup Guide can help you change your appearance in just a few seconds. Makeup Guide can also be used as a plug-in in Adobe Photoshop or another compatible program.

You virtual makeup bag offers these tools:

Giveaway: Tint Makeup Guide For Free

Interested users just need to download pre-registered giveaway version from this link and install it. It should active full version automatically. Use this registration code if needed: 32YED-WZ2YQ-3DUQX

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