Global antivirus software market share report

I wanted to let those of you who might be interested to know that OPSWAT have releaed a report based on  market share data for antivirus applications.Out of the 50 million endpoints that employ the OESIS Framework, OPSWAT collected data from tens of thousands of volunteers. The information collected from OPSWAT’s various tools had a high rate of correlation. That is to say, when comparing reports, despite these tools having different uses, percentages of antivirus product usage were consistent. This consistency would suggest our data has a high degree of reliability.

Brief introduction for this report:
The top 10 Windows antivirus applications by vendor for January to May 2010
* AVAST Software 19.14%
* Avira GmbH 11.39%
* Symantec Corp. 10.06%
* Microsoft Corp. 9.29%
* AVG Technologies 9%
* McAfee, Inc. 7.3%
* Kaspersky Labs 5.96%
* ESET Software 5.66%
* Panda Software 3.44%
* Trend Micro, Inc. 2.8%

Note:Maybe the percentage with software from big company’s like McAfee and Symantec is higher in reality as they come preinstalled on a lot of consumer pc’s and the typical computer illiterate will leave it installed while more advanced users may uninstall it.

All the market share analysis shows is the users prefer not to pay for their protection if they can get a good product free:-avast and avira offer this and are thus the two products with the largest share,I hope this report didn’t cost a lot to produce because its just reproducing something that is pretty obvious,like Symantec and McAfee having biggest share of paid for products:-due to so many PC manufacture res including trials of their products.

Global antivirus software market share report

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