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Gone Home Game Free Download (DRM Free Version)

The Humble Bundle store is giving away another great GAME for FREE to the general public to promote their Humble Monthly Trove service.

Until May 3rd, everyone can download the interactive exploration simulation “Gone Home” for FREE! It’s the full game (DRM free version, no no Steam key) which is playable on your Windows PC, Apple Mac and on Linux!

Gone Home is a story exploration game from The Fullbright Company. Interrogate every detail of a seemingly normal house to discover the story of the people who live there. Open any drawer and door. Pick up objects and examine them to discover clues. Uncover the events of one family’s lives by investigating what they’ve left behind. The game gets a Metascore of 86 and User Score of 5.4 on Metacritic.

To grab the game, visit this Humble Bundle page and sign-in to your Humble Bundle account or create a new one. Then scroll down the page a little bit and find the “FREE TO ALL FOR A LIMITED TIME!” image like above screenshot.

Click it. Grab the game and have fun ;). If you’re interested, you can also sign up for Humble Monthly for $12 a month. Humble Monthly subscribers have full access to all the DRM-free titles in the Humble Trove.

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